About TBWB

TBWB Strategies is a strategy and communications consulting firm specializing in public finance ballot measures supporting programs, services and facilities


Passing bonds, taxes and assessments is different from typical political efforts. For example, candidates run campaigns to differ from their opponents and stand out from the crowd. But when the issue is taxes, winning requires consensus: uniting people around shared priorities and values. We believe public consensus leads to winning propositions

Commitment to Client Service

We view our working relationship with you as a partnership. We know public finance measures, but you know your community. We pride ourselves in developing unique plans for every client as opposed to applying a “cookie cutter” model that may have worked in other places or at other times. We also understand that the reputation of your agency is at stake every time you seek funding from your community: it’s not enough just to “win”, but the campaign and the measure must help you build on your relationship with your community.

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The partners and consultants at TBWB have experience on over 200 successful public finance ballot measures that have raised billions in voter-approved revenue for public programs, services and facilities. The successful measures include bonds, parcel taxes, sales taxes, transient occupancy taxes, utility users taxes, assessments and fees. We can help school districts, community collegescities, counties, parks, water and open space districts, fire districts, libraries, healthcare districts, transportation authorities and others.

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Senior-level Attention

When you hire us you work directly with an experienced member of our firm’s management team. Unlike consulting firms with just one or two principals, we have seven experienced principal consultants dedicated to client service who will be your direct contact throughout your project. To ensure your ballot measure receives the devoted attention that it deserves, support will always be available from another management team member in the event a need arises.

Full Service and Support

We also maintain the largest and best-trained support team in our industry, because your project needs attention from more than one professional. To ensure our clients receive specialized expertise, we operate two divisions: a Public Planning Division focused on preparing winning measure for the ballot and a Campaign Services Division to support campaign committees with the strategies and tools they need to ensure victory.

TBWB is one of the few firms in our industry that maintains an in-house Art department and Production department. Our full time Art Director manages a studio of graphic designers who produce award winning, creative concepts. Our full time Production Director attends to all the details required for efficient and timely delivery of printed materials at competitive prices.