Maximillian Medina

Art Director

Maximillian Medina

Max brings nearly two decades of versatile design experience to TBWB. He has now worked on several dozen campaigns for California school, city, and county measures, as well as several national and local candidates and organizations across the United States.

Before entering the world of political design, he began his design career as the Art Director for Inside Kung-Fu magazine, before he moved on to music design for record labels such as EMI and Sony Music. After switching to web design, Max returned to publication design as the Creative Director and a Partner at Yolk—the first Asian American entertainment magazine of its kind. Later, he worked in home entertainment, designing over 100 DVD packages for Warner Bros., Paramount, Cinema Epoch and other Hollywood studios.

Born in Massachusetts, he grew up in Southern California where he graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. degree in Commercial Art from the former American College for Applied Arts in Los Angeles. After relocating to San Francisco, Max continued to work as a freelance art director in entertainment and marketing design before joining TBWB full time in 2011.