Erica Walters


Erica Walters
(415) 291-1894 ext. 225
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Prior to joining TBWB Strategies in early 1998, Erica Walters received her political training in the trenches of over 30 campaigns throughout the country. Walters became a partner in 2003.

Today, Walters specializes in ballot measures, independent expenditure campaigns and federal races. In 2010, she helped the State of Oregon pass progressive tax reform despite serious hurdles presented by the recession. Measures 66 & 67 helped stabilize the state economy and provide much-needed funding for schools, without negative consequences for in-state businesses. She has also worked on an open space measure in Montana, a sales tax campaign in Santa Cruz and for the Santa Clara County Water District. 

Walters lives in San Francisco with her husband, Mark. She has two poorly-behaved cats and three much better behaved stepsons. She enjoys cooking, and while she enjoys running much less, she does it so she can keep cooking with abandon.