Who We Help:

Parks, Water & Open Space

TBWB helps park and recreation districts, water districts and open space districts pass public finance measures to meet their funding needs.

We also help cities and counties plan and pass measures to address park, recreation, clean water and open space issues under their jurisdiction.

We have experience passing measures to fund facility, infrastructure and field improvements as well as land acquisition. We’ve also passed measures that provide flexible funding to meet operational and service needs.

The consultants at TBWB have passed over 200 public finance ballot measures in all parts of the state that have raised billions in stable revenue for public programs, services and facilities. We’re experienced with all types of voter-approved funding mechanisms, including assessments, fees, bonds, parcel taxes, sales taxes, Transient Occupancy Taxes (TOTs) and Utility User Taxes (UUTs).

Our work typically begins with a process to identify the priority needs and most viable funding sources. Once a strategic direction is determined, our public outreach and campaign strategies build support to secure victory. With this approach, TBWB has consistently maintained a passage rate of over 90% for our bond and tax measures that go to the ballot.