Case Study

Southern California School Parcel Tax Measure

Arcadia USD


Throughout the process of evaluating a potential local funding measure, community polling never indicated that there was enough support to pass a parcel tax at the rate the District required to shore up its funding gap. Nonetheless, with rapidly declining and unreliable state funding, the District needed to secure local funds to protect the academic programs expected by the community in local schools.

What We Did

ArcadiaIn order obtain the needed 66.7% approval by those who vote, TBWB advised the District to opt for an all mail-ballot election. Through this strategy, the campaign committed to contacting all of the parents and potential likely supporters of the measure, particularly those who were otherwise unlikely to vote. This meant tailoring mailers and all other campaign communications to be printed in both English and Chinese to successfully contact every one of our supporters with our messages.

As a result of the campaign’s dedication to ensuring that all their supporters cast votes, the unlikely parcel tax passed the required 66.7% approval by about 100 votes.