Case Study

Southern California Community College Bond Measure

Rancho Santiago CCD


Santa Ana College is one of two colleges in the Rancho Santiago Community College District that serves the communities in central and eastern Orange County. It has provided affordable, high quality education to local students for over 100 years.

In 2002, voters in the Rancho Santiago Community College District approved Measure E, a bond to repair and renovate existing campus buildings and construct new classrooms to alleviate over crowding. These funds made basic and needed improvements possible for Santa Ana College. However, because of its age, further repairs and upgrades were needed to ensure students would continue to be adequately prepared to go on to four-year colleges and 21st century careers.

The Board of Trustees voted to place Measure Q on the November 2012 ballot, which created an improvement facilities district to finance renovations, repairs and construction to Santa Ana College.

What We Did

Rancho Santiago CCDTBWB began working with the college only four months prior to the election. In that time, we helped the college seek feedback from community stakeholders throughout the special district, and worked with the District to determine what project improvements were a priority to voters– a critical step to crafting the campaign’s core messages.

Working with the volunteer campaign committee, TBWB guided the campaign in fundraising, endorsements, neutralizing opposition, student organizing, and engaging community partners. TBWB also developed a direct mail plan and social media plan with targeted messages to persuade important subgroups of voters.

On November 6, 2012, Measure Q passed with an overwhelming 72% of the vote, and the repairs and improvements to the college’s classrooms and facilities are underway.