Case Study

Statewide Ballot Measure

Prop 39 – Clean Energy & Jobs Act


Abundant research shows that absentee voters are more likely to read mail than poll voters. On a crowded ballot, TBWB's direct mail was used to target to high-propensity early absentee voters to make sure they found Prop 39 on the ballot and voted Yes.

What We Did

Prop 39TBWB created high-impact mail pieces that were dial tested by the Prop 39 – Clean Energy & Jobs Act campaign to ensure they were simple, easy to understand, and effective.

By creating eye-catching graphics and die cutting one of the pieces, TBWB's mail stood out from other pieces in the mailbox and presented a complex ballot measure in a way voters found easy to absorb.

Prop 39 – Clean Energy & Jobs Act passed with 61.1% of the vote.