Case Study

Fire District Measure

North Tahoe Fire Protection District


The North Tahoe Fire District provides the initial response to all fires, rescues and pre-hospital emergency medical services throughout an area of 31 square miles on the North and West shores of Lake Tahoe. In 2007, the North Tahoe Fire District was fiscally challenged by the Angora Fire, which caused $141 million in damage and cost $11.7 million to fight.

It became clear that the North Tahoe Firefighters were limited in their ability to provide fire suppression and protection services to the community. Funded by limited revenue, the fire district could not update or expand its services without creating an additional local funding source.

What we did

North Tahoe Fire Protection DistrictTBWB worked with the North Tahoe Fire District to propose and advocate for a benefit assessment tax that would increase the annual property assessment by $48, generating $625,000 a year for updating and expanding the Fire Districts operations. With this local funding, firefighters would be able to improve response times, upgrade emergency communications equipment, and address high fire risks.

The combined efforts of TBWB and the North Tahoe Fire District resulted in the community voting to improve fire safety and prevention by passing the measure with 70.9% of the vote.