Case Study

Libraries Measure

Marin County Libraries


The county-operated libraries in Marin were facing more than $1 million in declining revenue and annual state budget cuts. As a result, branch closures and reductions in hours, services and staffing were on the horizon. Measure A was the only recourse for Marin County to keep its libraries open and continue to provide critical services and programs for children, families and seniors in the community.

What We Did

Marin County LibrariesTBWB worked with a coalition of local community members, elected officials, business leaders and educational leaders to develop a strategy to engage the community about the importance of libraries in the 21st century. The strategy of direct mail pieces and a targeted field campaign proved extremely effective in gaining serious momentum and support for Measure A.

In November 2010, Measure A passed with 74.8%, a fair amount above super majority approval needed to allow Marin County Library to continue to provide vital services and programs to the community.