TBWB has a proven approach to successful public finance measures that involves five critical steps.
Call for Election
Election Day

Public Outreach & Information = Public Planning Process     Independent Advisory Campaign = Independent Advocacy Campaign

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Build Consensus

Transparency is important. We generally recommend a public information and outreach program to educate the community about your needs and build broad consensus around a solution.

TBWB will:

  • Develop information-only messaging and a plan for getting the message out to key audiences 
  • Provide information to be added to your website, distributed through social media and included in newsletters
  • Prepare presentations and talking points for community meetings
  • Write, design, and produce informational mailings to educate, inform and engage voters
  • Develop strategies and plans to inform and engage key internal stakeholder groups within your agency
  • Develop strategies and plans to inform and engage influential external groups including elected leaders, business leaders, neighborhood leaders, faith community leaders, taxpayer groups and others