TBWB has a proven approach to successful public finance measures that involves five critical steps.
Call for Election
Election Day

Public Outreach & Information = Public Planning Process     Independent Advisory Campaign = Independent Advocacy Campaign

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Feasibility Study

TBWB helps you assess the basic viability of a revenue measure in your community. We’ll help you tackle the most basic strategic questions that must be answered in order to set your measure on a path to victory:

  • What are your needs?
  • Is it reasonable to think that a revenue measure can be successful with voters? At what vote threshold (50%, 55%, 66.67%)?
  • What type of measure should you be considering?
  • What programs, services and/or facilities are voters most likely to fund?
  • What is the optimal timing for an election? What level of voter turnout helps maximize support?
  • Does sufficient community awareness of your needs already exist, or is proactive outreach required to build awareness?
  • How might specific exemptions or accountability protections be included in a successful measure?
  • What controversies or competing issues must be considered before moving forward?

With this information in hand, our team will be ready to work with you and a professional pollster to conduct a public opinion survey of your local voters to test the viability of a measure. TBWB will work collaboratively with you and the pollster to develop a questionnaire and voter sampling strategy.