TBWB has a proven approach to successful public finance measures that involves five critical steps.
Call for Election
Election Day

Public Outreach & Information = Public Planning Process     Independent Advisory Campaign = Independent Advocacy Campaign

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Campaign for the Win

The next step in the process is to mount a strategic advocacy campaign to secure the votes needed to win on Election Day. As consultant to volunteer campaign committees, we build campaign plans with the following elements to ensure the best possible chance of success on Election Day:

  • Unique. We pride ourselves in developing unique plans for every client as opposed to applying a “cookie cutter” model that may have worked in other places or at other times.
  • Effective messaging and materials. Campaign logos, brochures, websites, social media and other materials must be eye-catching and have a local feel in order to persuade and motivate voters effectively. 
  • Avoiding controversy and obstacles. We can’t take anything for granted in today’s economic and political environment. To win, it is important to run an organized campaign that avoids controversy and neutralizes opposition to the extent possible.
  • Good teamwork. Above all, winning campaigns take good teamwork. We work closely with pollsters, professionals, committee members and other local partners. 
  • Efficient grassroots organizing. The time and energy of your volunteers are precious resources. We’ll work with you to develop a plan that maximizes the impact of their efforts on the outcome of the election. 
  • Strong Fundraising. Fundraising for local ballot measures can be a challenge. It takes resources to get your message out to the voters who will determine the outcome of your election. We can help you create a fundraising plan to help you achieve the resources needed to win.