TBWB has a proven approach to successful public finance measures that involves five critical steps.
Call for Election
Election Day

Public Outreach & Information = Public Planning Process     Independent Advisory Campaign = Independent Advocacy Campaign

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Build a Strong Measure

Once we know what a viable, winnable ballot measure looks like, TBWB will work with you to develop your measure and qualify for the ballot. 

Specifically, TBWB will:

  • Work with you and your financial team to finalize amounts, tax rates and the structure of your measure
  • Refine your project list, facility plans and/or program budgets to make sure they are written in clear and understandable language and feature projects and programs that are high priorities for voters
  • Work with you and your legal counsel to develop important taxpayer accountability protections, including an independent citizens’ oversight committee and public reporting process
  • Work with you and your legal counsel to develop all resolutions and/or ordinances required for calling the election
  • Develop the critical ballot question that will appear on ballots
  • Develop and refine the full text of the measure, tax rate statement and other materials that will appear in the ballot pamphlet mailed to all voters
  • Present recommendations and documents to your governing body for formal approval
  • Work with the elections officials in your area to qualify for the ballot