TBWB has a proven approach to successful public finance measures that involves five critical steps.
Call for Election
Election Day

Public Outreach & Information = Public Planning Process     Independent Advisory Campaign = Independent Advocacy Campaign

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Bridge to the Next Election

After voters have approved your measure, it is important to continue positive and transparent community dialogue about how you are utilizing voter-approved funding and delivering on your promises.

When taxpayers hear nothing they assume the worst and fall back on unfair stereotypes about how government spends money.

We offer a full range of ongoing communication services to our clients:

  • Creation of regular updates to highlight progress related to your measure, including messaging for email blasts, websites, social media and newsletters
  • Assistance with crafting responses to community or media inquiries regarding a local funding measure
  • Assistance with preparing presentations to community groups and oversight bodies
  • Regular direct mail updates to the entire community to ensure broad awareness beyond the most active and engaged citizens